The Division of Policy & Oversight reviews the policies, procedures, patterns, and practices of the Rochester Police Department. PAB makes recommendations with input from the community. 

Proposals for Change

A Proposal for Change is a community and data-driven process where PAB makes formal recommendations to change policies and practices that impact the Rochester Police Department.



Oversight Investigations

PAB conducts Oversight Investigations that create transparency over all powers exercised by the Rochester Police Department and its officers. An Oversight Investigation addresses a specific subject or aims to answer a particular question. 



There are no closed Oversight Investigations at this time.

Policy Recommendation Tracker

Pursuant to City Charter § 18-5(K), the Police Accountability Board shall review and assess RPD policies, procedures, patterns and practices and recommend changes with input from the community. Additionally, PAB shall publish on its website whether or not the Rochester Police Department has implemented its policy recommendations.

The recommendations below have been approved by the Board and sent to RPD’s Chief of Police. Within 30 days of receiving the recommendations, the Chief of Police must explain whether they agree or disagree with each recommendation.

  • Policy Subject

Policy NumberPolicy SubjectPolicy RecommendationDate RPD NotifiedRPD ResponseStatus