Our Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision are the driving forces that guide everything PAB does. Our mission, set by an overwhelming majority of Rochester’s voters, is to “ensure public accountability and transparency over the powers exercised by sworn officers of the Rochester Police Department.” Our vision, set by the community members who serve on our Board, is to reimagine public safety. To learn more about our mission and vision, click the button below.

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Our Board

The Police Accountability Board is run by nine unpaid, volunteer Board Members. The Board’s role is to oversee the agency’s operations, set the agency’s priorities, and serve on panels during the Board’s investigatory process. To learn more about our Board Members, click the button below.

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Our Staff

If the job of the Police Accountability Board’s members is to set the vision for the Board’s work, the job of the Board’s staff is to execute that vision. The law says the Board’s staff are responsible for managing the day-to-day work of the agency. The Board’s staff have to undergo extensive training to understand all parts of policing, public safety, and Rochester’s communities. To learn more about our staff, click the button below.

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Our Legal Foundation

In 2019, Rochesterians overwhelmingly voted to amend the City’s constitution (the City Charter) to create the Police Accountability Board. Section 18 of the Charter contains a set of laws and directives that define the PAB’s mission, goals, and capabilities. The Charter also gives some operational guidance that allows us to fulfill our mission. To learn more about the Charter, click the button below.

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