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Police Accountability Board
City of Rochester

A Tool For Our Community to Reimagine Public Safety


PAB September Board Meeting

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Thursday, September 9, 2021


What Is The PAB?

The Police Accountability Board is an independent, community-led agency within the City of Rochester. We were created in 2019 thanks to overwhelming support from local voters. Our community has tasked us with bringing accountability and transparency to the Rochester Police Department.

What Community-Led Means

For many years, our community has led the conversation on accountability and transparency in policing. The PAB was created out of this leadership. The many voices of the Rochester community are critical to our work. The Rochester community reimagines public safety by informing and directing the PAB on what Rochester’s public safety priorities should be. Our work is guided by and centered around this community’s leadership and direction.

What Accountability Means

For us, accountability means making sure RPD keeps our entire community safe. We hold RPD accountable by looking into potential wrongdoing by police officers. When we find that officers hurt someone by not following the rules, we push to hold those officers responsible. To prevent police misconduct, we proactively work with our community to reimagine public safety and help RPD do its job better.

What Transparency Means

Transparency means making everything RPD does see-through. Our community deserves to know exactly how and why RPD works the way it does. It’s our job to make clear where RPD is doing a good job and where they can improve. And when there’s a case of potential police brutality, it’s our job to make sure our community knows the truth about what happened.

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