The Police Accountability Board Responds to NYS Appellate Court Decision

The Police Accountability Board is disappointed with the decision by the New York State Appellate Court to remove the agency’s disciplinary power. While the ruling is impactful to civilian oversight, the PAB remains committed to conducting rigorous, unbiased investigations into allegations of police misconduct. The agency will continue to recommend appropriate actions and disciplinary measures […]

Honoring the National Day of Accountability

On May 25, 2020, the world witnessed a tragic event that shook our collective conscience—the death of George Floyd. Nine minutes and 29 seconds—those agonizing moments of restraint and deprivation that led to a nationwide movement, laid the foundation for the National Day of Accountability (NDA). First observed on September 29, 2021, the NDA serves […]

Letter from the Executive Director

By Sherry Walker-Cowart, Interim Executive director of the Police Accountability Board The Police Accountability Board of Rochester (PAB) has marked one year since opening for investigations in June of 2022. In that time, the PAB has been able to share many accomplishments with the community including the launch of two major Policy & Oversight investigations, […]