On May 25, 2020, the world witnessed a tragic event that shook our collective conscience—the death of George Floyd. Nine minutes and 29 seconds—those agonizing moments of restraint and deprivation that led to a nationwide movement, laid the foundation for the National Day of Accountability (NDA). First observed on September 29, 2021, the NDA serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for policy reform and accountability in public safety. It also shows how we can all contribute to a more accountable society.

The Birth of the National Day of Accountability

The National Day of Accountability was established by US² Consulting to commemorate George Floyd’s final moments and to emphasize the importance of systemic and individual accountability within the realm of public safety. US² is a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses, school districts, and organizations improve upon equitable practices and incorporate a more inclusive culture.

“We have always been in the realm of making sure everyone is aware of the issues that exist, and we wanted to do that without guilt, shame, or blame. We wanted to make sure everyone understood we all play a part in how we can hold one another accountable,” said Megan Fuciarelli, founder and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of US². It recognizes that accountability is a shared responsibility that extends beyond law enforcement agencies to every member of the community.

This year, US² has launched a free course for individuals who sign the Day of Accountability pledge that will help those committed to continuing the work of accountability beyond September 29. The course provides insight into how we can hold ourselves and others accountable, whether it is children and parents, elected officials and educators, or leaders and their teams.

Community-Led Reform

Civilian oversight agencies, like the Police Accountability Board, play a crucial role in holding law enforcement accountable and fostering trust between communities and the police. The National Day of Accountability underscores the importance of these initiatives in shaping the future of public safety.
Beyond investigating allegations against individual Rochester Police Officers, the PAB also identifies systemic issues in public safety by analyzing policing data, consulting with community members through public input sessions, and making recommendations for change to RPD policies based, in part, on community suggestions.

The mission and vision for the PAB is to reimagine public safety, in partnership with the community.
The NDA emphasizes that this extends beyond policing and encompasses a broader social perspective.

Promoting Accountability at All Levels

The National Day of Accountability is registered with the National Calendar Archives and the National Day Archives.

It serves as a powerful reminder that we all have a stake in the pursuit of a more accountable and just society. By embracing accountability at all levels and working collaboratively, we can create positive change and ensure that the tragic events of the past lead to a brighter future.

You can learn more about the National Day of Accountability and sigh the pledge below.