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Policy & Oversight Work

Policy Recommendation Tracker

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Pursuant to City Charter § 18-5(K), the Police Accountability Board shall review and assess RPD policies, procedures, patterns and practices and recommend changes with input from the community. Additionally, PAB shall publish on its website whether or not the Rochester Police Department has implemented its policy recommendations.

The recommendations below have been approved by the Board and sent to RPD’s Chief of Police. Within 30 days of receiving the recommendations, the Chief of Police must explain whether they agree or disagree with each recommendation.

Policy Number Policy Subject Policy Recommendation Date RPD Notified RPD Response Status
2023-01-1 Data Transparency Ensure that all public datasets are current and machine readable by providing data in a format accessible with commercially available software, such as .csv. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-2 Data Transparency Include datasets on the open data portal on complaints about police misconduct, instances of officers shooting firearms, use of force, arrests, calls for service, traffic and pedestrian stops, and crime reports. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-3 Data Transparency Report incident-level information for all datasets, including: location, time, demographic information, and dataset-specific elements as listed in this report. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-4 Data Transparency Code all incident data and officer-related data with unique identifiers to allow users to link datasets. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-5 Data Transparency Continually evaluate datasets to adhere to best practices, using the Police Data Transparency Index and examples from other agencies as guidance. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-6 Data Transparency Maintain an up-to-date, downloadable dataset of complaints with incident-level information, including: complaint source (internal or external), location (RPD section, beat, ZIP code), time (occurrence, complaint, investigation), officer and civilian demographics, allegation category, specific allegation, investigation finding, discipline, final disposition, appeal status. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-7 Data Transparency Create an up-to-date, downloadable dataset of officer firearm discharge with incident-level information, including: fatalities, justification, accidental discharge, body-worn camera footage, location (ZIP code), time, officer and civilian demographics. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-8 Data Transparency Create an up-to-date, downloadable use of force dataset with incident-level information, including: data elements in the FBI’s use of force data collection program and information about an internal review of the incident. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-9 Data Transparency Create an up-to-date, downloadable arrest dataset with incident-level information, including: arrest charge, use of force, use of Mental Hygiene Detention, location (ZIP code), time, officer and civilian demographics. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-10 Data Transparency Create an up-to-date, downloadable call for service dataset with incident-level information, including: location (ZIP code), time (origin, dispatch, closing), officer or civilian initiated, call type, dispatch result, outcome, priority level, City of Rochester Person in Crisis Team (PIC) dispatch, Monroe County Forensic Intervention Team (FIT) dispatch. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-11 Data Transparency Create an up-to-date, downloadable dataset on traffic, bicyclist, and pedestrian stops with incident-level information similar to California’s RIPA data collection program. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-12 Data Transparency Publish schedules and materials for live or online trainings. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-13 Data Transparency Maintain the existing up-to-date, downloadable crime dataset with additional incident-level information, including: location, time, demographics (officer, victim, accused), charge. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-14 Data Transparency Add a contact email for section offices on the RPD Contact Information webpage. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-15 Data Transparency Implement a version control system that tracks specific changes to rules, regulations, and orders. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-16 Data Transparency Maintain historical versions of rules, regulations, and orders to allow analysis of changes over time. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-17 Data Transparency Create up-to-date, downloadable budget datasets with information for each division or unit, including: personnel and associated costs, the number and associated costs of equipment (i.e., guns, TASERs, ShotSpotter, KIPs, electronic surveillance tools, drones, cars, tanks, helicopters), full contracts with external vendors. 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-18 Data Transparency Create an up-to-date, downloadable chase dataset with incident-level information, including: date, time, location (ZIP code), reason for pursuit, pursuit vehicle speed (police and pursued vehicle), accidents, cost of repairs, injuries (officer, bystander, subject). 5/19/23 Pending  
2023-01-19 Data Transparency Engage an outside agency to carry out regular data integrity audits, comparing a random sample of publicly available data with body-worn camera footage. 5/19/23 Pending