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The Police Accountability Board has completed its first full week of accepting complaints.

Since opening for investigations on June 20th, 50 people have reached out to the PAB for help in identifying and reporting instances of police misconduct.

Between June 20th and June 26th 2022:

  • Case managers processed 50 complaints.
  • 27 were reported by a victim,18 by a witness or other party.
  • The preferred method of contact was via phone or the PAB online form.

Acting Manager of the PAB Duwaine Bascoe says the next step for the PAB is better educating the community on what qualifies as officer misconduct.

“The common misconception is that an officer needs to use excessive force for there to be misconduct,” said Bascoe. “But there are several forms of misconduct: If an officer has exhibited bias-based profiling against you, conducted an illegal search, or didn’t show up when you called for assistance, all are forms of misconduct too, and you should call the PAB.”

There are three ways the public can directly file a report with the PAB.

  1. E-mail [email protected]
  2. Call the PAB hotline at 585-557-2494
  3. Or file a complaint online at

Once a complaint is filed, a PAB Case Manager will reach out within 24-48 hours. If you’re not sure if what you have experienced qualifies as police misconduct, please contact the PAB.


For more information about this press release, please contact PAB Deputy Chief of Public Information Vanessa J. Cheeks at [email protected].