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Agency Reviewing RPD Beanbag Gun and Juvenile Pepper Spray Policies

The Police Accountability Board has launched two oversight investigations into current Rochester Police Department policies.

The agency’s Policy & Oversight division will examine the RPD’s use of pepper spray on juveniles. Specifically, analysts will focus on actions taken by Rochester Police officers since January 29, 2021, where a young girl was pepper sprayed. The team will then analyze the new police rules regarding pepper spray use on children and their effectiveness.

The second investigation will review how the department utilizes beanbag guns. The PAB will analyze RPD’s current beanbag gun program, its rollout, and its training programs.  

Following each investigation, the Police Accountability Board will release a report with its findings, which may include community-centered recommendations in hopes of strengthening these policies. The outline of both Oversight Investigations can be found on the PAB website. They include details of relevant RPD policies as well as questions analysts hope to answer during their investigation.