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Call for Voluntary Recognition from the City

The Police Accountability Board Chair and Senior Leadership of the agency fully support the staff in their push for organization and call on the City to recognize their union.

“The labor movement in Rochester has a deep and rich history. A history that our staff is now a part of. Leadership at the PAB is in full support of their unionization efforts so we can all continue the work the people of Rochester have asked us to do.” Said Duwaine Bascoe, Acting Manager of the PAB.

Board Chair and political coordinator for 1199SEIUl Larry Knox also expressed support for unionization and echoed the call for voluntary recognition.

“I fully support the efforts of agency staff to organize and join the call for the City to voluntarily recognize their union. A Unionized workplace is a better workplace.” Said Knox.

The PAB remains committed to changing the landscape of Public Safety in Rochester and is excited for this next chapter of the agency.


For more information about this press release, please contact PAB Deputy Chief of
Public Information Vanessa J. Cheeks at [email protected]