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A proposal for change is a community and data-driven process where the PAB makes formal recommendations to change policies and practices that impact the Rochester Police Department. This proposal for change makes formal recommendations about the collection and reporting of information about what the police do. 

The data that RPD collects and reports should represent the needs of the community and should be available based on the public needs.

Feedback we need most

All community feedback is valued and important, but certain feedback helps us more. We’re most interested in comments that tell us what kind of data you would like to see RPD make publicly available.

Important aspects of this Proposal for Change

RPD performs poorly on a nationwide measure of ideal data transparency but average compared to other police agencies. 

PAB recommends better data reporting in twelve categories, including: complaints about police misconduct, instances of officers shooting firearms, use of force, arrests, calls for service, traffic and pedestrian stops, crime reports. 

PAB recommends collecting and reporting on demographics of police and people impacted by policing to allow better analysis of inequitable policing. 

Process for Public Input

Click Here for Notice of Public Input. We will prioritize comments received in the first 30 days.

Thank you for participating in the conversation! For more information on our rules and regulations for comments please see our Terms of Participation.

How we created this Proposal for Change

The PAB researched:

  • Resources from the Rochester Police Department, including the open data portal;
  • The FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program and Crime Data Explorer;
  • What academics and experts say;
  • And examples from law enforcement agencies in other places.

PAB calculated a Police Data Transparency score for Rochester following the methodology created by the Vera Institute of Justice

You can download a public input form for written comments here.

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